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Version 1.11 is available for download.

This update fixes intermittent issues with logging in and uploading photos.

Visit Adorama Plugin Home Page to download the latest version.

Version 1.10 is available for download.

This update fixes the issue with uploading photos introduced in version 1.9. The latest version is also compatible with Lightroom 3.2 Release Candidate, both for Windows and Mac OS.

Version 1.9 is available for download.

This update fixes the “Access to an undefined global: object” error, which was specific to Lightroom 2.

Version 1.8 is available for download.

This update fixes some glitches in the authorization process and add the ability to submit the debug log for troubleshooting directly from the plug-in. Most importantly, this version makes the plug-in compatible with Lightroom 3. However, due to an internal bug in Lightroom, the plug-in doesn’t work in […]

Version 20100207.7 is available for download. Fixes & Changes: Fixed a Mac specific issue with album drop-downs extending beyond the right side of the export dialog. In Lightroom 3 Beta, the lab logo is back on top of the export dialog.

Version 20100123.6 is available for download. I, among thousands of other Lightroom fans can’t wait to get my hands on LR3, which appears to be scheduled for release around April. Many users, however, have already jumped the gun and started using the beta version not only for testing (as advised by Adobe), but for […]

Version 20091104.5 is available for download. This update provides fixes for several issues discovered in the previous release.
Version 20091101.4 is available for download. This release features many functionality improvements, including the ability to filter and sort the album list, album thumbnails, and more.

Version 20090909.3 is available for download. Important: Instead of the FTP password, the plugin now relies on your web password for authentication. From now on use your regular AdoramaPix password to log in.

Version 20090901.2 is available for download.