Version 20100207.7 is available for download. Fixes & Changes: Fixed a Mac specific issue with album drop-downs extending beyond the right side of the export dialog. In Lightroom 3 Beta, the lab logo is back on top of the export dialog.

Version 20100130.10 is available for download. This update fixes a couple of issues specific to the Mac platform. Also, in Lightroom 3 beta, the photo lab logo is back on top of the export dialog. I’d like to express my gratitude to Ann Mehrman, who not only submitted a very detailed bug report […]

The Export List plug-in is now compatible with Lightroom 3 Beta: Export List: 20100126.2

The Walmart Canada plug-in is now compatible with Lightroom 3 Beta: Export to Walmart Photo Centre (Canada): 20100125.2 Also, now the plug-in correctly handles the situation when you attempt to upload photos that exceed the 6MB size limit of Walmart Photo Centre. A note for LR3 Beta users: due to some internal changes, Lightroom […]

Today I release 3 more updates to offer Lightroom 3 Beta compatibility for Costco US, Costco CA, and CVS Photo Center plug-ins:

Export to Costco Photo Center (US): 20100124.8 Export to Costco Photo Centre (CA): 20100124.3 Export to CVS Photo Center: 20100124.2

Both Costco plug-ins also feature a fix for a mild […]

Version 20100123.6 is available for download. I, among thousands of other Lightroom fans can’t wait to get my hands on LR3, which appears to be scheduled for release around April. Many users, however, have already jumped the gun and started using the beta version not only for testing (as advised by Adobe), but for […]

Happy New Year!

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Hello everybody,

I just wanted wish everyone lots of love and happiness in the new 2010 year!

A rose

Daily Photo

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These photos were taken last year during our annual skiing trip to Salt Lake City. Our favorite spot is Cottonwood Canyon area – Alta, Brighton, Snowbird. Usually I am a bit leery about taking my camera up on the mountain, but that day I felt I’d get a chance to snap a few memorable shots. […]

Daily Photo

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Here is a picture of Alcatraz Lighthouse from my trip to San Francisco back in October. The original Alcatraz Lighthouse was the first one built on the west coast. In 1909, this 84-foot concrete tower replaced the original, which was damaged in the 1906 earthquake.

Daily Photo

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A couple of weeks ago I discovered for myself a beautiful park in northern New Jersey – Allamuchy Mountain State Park, nearby Waterloo Village. It’s great for hiking, biking, mountain climbing, trout fishing, you name it! It also offers some nice views. I look forward to exploring it more next spring, and hopefully finding time […]