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Lightroom 3.2 and Camera Raw 6.2 are now available as final releases on and through the update mechanisms available in Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.

This means now is my turn to release the new version (1.18) of the MobileMe plugin, which has been in beta testing for over a month, and […]

As some of you may have heard the news already, today Adobe posted Lightroom 3.2 Release Candidate on the Adobe Labs site. Today I ran tests using the MobileMe plugin version 1.18 (this version is also in pre-release state), but everything runs smoothly, no more dreadful “Unexpected Server Response” errors. So I am pretty […]

Version 1.16 is available for download. This update restores the ability to use the plug-in after the recent change to the MobileMe online service (see the MobileMe Service Update post for details). NOTE: Version 1.16 is not going to resolve the issue with Lightroom 3.0 for Mac (x64). For details, see the plug-in’s […]

Version 1.15 is available for download. This update fixes the issue with logging in when there are no albums in the account. It also fixes the the “Document is empty” error that sometimes appeared when users tried to upload photos.

Version 1.14 is available for download. This update addresses some authentication and upload related issues and improves the handling of upload errors.

Version 1.12 is available for download. This update fixes the issue with uploading photos caused by a recent change in the MobileMe service.

Version 1.11 is available for download. This update fixes some issues under Lightroom 3 Beta 2 and adds some minor improvements.

Version 1.9 is available for download. This update fixes the issue with creating new albums when you do several consequent export operations and create more than one album.

Version 1.8 is available for download.

Now you can specify how to handle duplicate photo uploads when you export to an existing album. The default method is to re-upload all of the selected photos, which may create duplicates if some of the selected photos were previously uploaded. You can also choose to skip or […]

Version 1.6 is available for download. This release fixes an embarrassing issue with uploading photos, which was introduced when I implemented the feature for previewing albums. Now it looks like the code is stable, however, please let me know if you encounter any issues. The sooner you report your issues the sooner they will […]