Version 20100130.10 is available for download. This update fixes a couple of issues specific to the Mac platform. Also, in Lightroom 3 beta, the photo lab logo is back on top of the export dialog. I'd like to express my gratitude to Ann Mehrman, who not only submitted a very detailed bug report but also helped me troubleshoot the issues and test a number of updates I had to make before everything looked and behaved as expected. If you want to check out Ann's pictures, visit her web site: It appears these issues have been around for a while, however other users were either too shy or too busy to troubleshoot or even report them. Oh well, thanks to large companies who often sacrify quality in a constant effort to improve profitability and outsource customer support  to other places where no one cares about your issues and barely speak your language, most people no longer believe in technical support. But sometimes you should try, just like Ann did! 🙂