June 8th 2010 - Adobe has finally released Lightroom 3. Hallelujah! Lots of new functionality is packed under the hood of the seemingly familiar  user interface. You can find a very detailed overview of the new features in Victoria Bampton's blog. One of the new features is the new Publish Services, a very important addition to Lightroom, which offers a completely new approach to the way we get our photos to online photo labs and photo galleries. You can learn about Publish Services from Jeffrey Friedl's Article. Even though the article is focused primarily on his Export-to-Flickr Plug-in, it provides a very good general coverage of Publish Services and explains how you configure and use them. For the last few months I've been learning the new concept and the new API that goes with it. In the next few days I am planning to release an update for my MobileMe Gallery Plug-in that will enable support for Publish Services. Also, other plug-ins will be updated to provide better support for Lightroom 3, and most of them will also support Publish Services! However, there is a fine print! 🙂 Considering the amount of time and sweat that went into the development and integration with the new API, I am planning to open support for Publish Services only to registered users.