After a long period of intensive development I am happy to announce version 1.21.1 BETA. This is a beta version of the plugin, meaning I have thoroughly tested every bit of the new functionality, however I need it tested by other users in different scenarios. This version includes a large number of new features and improvements (see the plug-in's home page for a complete version history). There are a couple of changes that deserve to be mentioned separately: 1. Now the plug-in can automatically update itself. You still need to install version 1.21.1 as described on the Installation Instructions page, however any subsequent update should apply itself automatically when you click the "Download the Update" button in the "Checking for Updates" dialog. 2. The plug-in now supports custom sorting in published collections. Until now, photos in published collections followed the "User Order", which turns out insufficient because some users rely on different types of sorting (by capture time, by edit time, etc), and most importantly because user order is not available for smart collections. So now you have your choice of various sort options  when editing album settings. 3. The plug-in now allows you to export photos in AdobeRGB and ProPhoto RGB color spaces, however MobileMe display photos in sRGB color space anyway. These extended color spaces are available only for original photos downloaded via the "Download" function in the MobileMe Gallery - I am referring to the "Download this photo" and "Download a compressed file of this album" buttons in the visitor's interface. I am hoping other improvements are self-explanatory. If you still have questions - don't hesitate to ask. I am also curious to learn which of the new features you find most useful.  Thanks!