Version 1.22.0 is available for download. This release offers a number of advanced features for synchronizing albums on MobileMe with your Lightroom catalog. Now you can import existing albums into your MobileMe publish service and populate them with previously uploaded photos. The new version also allows you to clear the "Modified to Re-Publish" flag or synchronize metadata, i.e. upload only titles and captions for selected photos. Now you can even select any photo in an album and make it the album cover. To access these features, navigator File > Plug-in Extras > MobileMe Gallery Export Plug-in Extras from the main menu. I am planning to post a detailed description of the advanced features in the next couple of days. The new version also provides support for video file uploads (maximum size is 100 MB per single file). Note, MobileMe accepts only a handful of video formats, make sure your video is in one of the supported formats, otherwise the upload will be rejected. Please don't hesitate to provide feedback on the new features. I'd like to hear from you. Thanks!