Version 1.6.0 Beta is available for download.

In this update:

  • Added support for chunked uploads (requires Piwigo 2.3.3 and above). This is a major change targeted for customers who are unable to control their PHP environments and can't increase post size limits to handle large uploads (low post size limits is a typical issue for customers on shared hosting). Chunked uploads transfer photos in small chunks of only 200 KB, which should be sufficient to circumvent even the most rigorous post size limits.
  • Added support for file renaming (requested by Gotcha). Now "Synchronize Metadata" also updates the file name of the photo if the name is changed in Lightroom.
  • Implemented additional safeguards for PHP notices, warnings, and errors that could affect the interaction between the plug-in and Piwigo API.

You can download version 1.6.0 here:
Please try the new version and let me know if there are any issues.