Export List Plug-in version 2.2 is available for download.

There is a number of major improvements in the new version:

  1. Now photo thumbnails can be embedded into HTML documents produced with the plug-in. In fact, all standard HTML templates have been expanded to include photo thumbnails by default.
  2. Now the plug-in  has the ability to generate lists from selection, without performing an Export or Publish operation. Simply select a number of photos and go Library > Plug-in Extras > Export List Plug-in Extras > List Selected Photos.
  3. Added XML Spreadsheet template for Microsoft Excel 2003 and above.
  4. Improved support for customizations - you no longer need to modify standard templates, all customizations can be performed in a special "user" folder, that won't be overwritten by an upgrade.

For the version history and to download the update, please visit Export List Plug-in.