There is a web vulnerability that was recently discovered called POODLE.The vulnerability makes it possible to exploit secure web browsing that uses SSL (secure sockets layer) communications. POODLE manifests itself in that certain kinds of secure connections are no longer quite as secure as they're supposed to be, so until you fix this for your Internet-connected applications, your data may be at risk. Specifically for Lightroom this may manifest in seemingly random network errors as more and more remote sites, in an effort to protect their users' data, disable support for the insecure protocol.

Thankfully, this is easily fixed.

Mac OS X

Install Apple's latest security update (which you should be doing anyway). That's it. You're done.


Microsoft has not yet announced when they are planning to address the SSL 3.0 issue so it is best to disable it yourself by opening your “Start” menu and typing in “Internet”.

Choose "Internet Options", go to the “Advanced” tab and scroll to the very bottom of the “Security” section until you see the SSL and TLS options, and then un-check the option for Use SSL 3.0, and enable TLS instead (TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2):

Click "OK" to close the dialog. This is it!