Support and Troubleshooting

If you need assistance with installing and using the plug-in, or if you need to report an issue, shoot me an e-mail to If the issue concerns plug-in usage, make sure to generate and include a log file as follows:
  1. Open the Plug-in Manager (File | Plug-in Manager...)
  2. Select the Photobox from the list on the left-hand side.
  3. In the Plug-in Info section, select the Enable debug log check box.
  4. Click Done to close the Plug-in Manager.
  5. Now repeat your steps in the Export dialog to reproduce the issue. Your actions and server responses will be recorded in the PhotoboxExport.log file.
  6. Click Submit Debug Log…
  7. Enter your name, contact e-mail, and describe your issue. Click Submit Log.
  8. A “Ready to submit the log file” message will pop up. Click OK.

Plug-in Updates

To check for updates, simply click the Check for Updates button. If updates are available the plug-in will display a detailed information about the new version.