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Today I release 3 more updates to offer Lightroom 3 Beta compatibility for Costco US, Costco CA, and CVS Photo Center plug-ins:

Export to Costco Photo Center (US): 20100124.8 Export to Costco Photo Centre (CA): 20100124.3 Export to CVS Photo Center: 20100124.2

Both Costco plug-ins also feature a fix for a mild […]

Costco plugin updated


Version 20090907.3 is available for download. This version contains several nice additions and improvements.

One time I needed to use Costco Photo Center to print my photos I was surprised to find out they didn’t offer a Lightroom plugin to upload files to their lab. Their web site uses a propitiatory API, which they don’t disclose (at least as of today it hasn’t been disclosed yet). But I was […]