This plugin was inspired by a post in Adobe Lightroom SDK forums. Somebody was asking for an ability to generate a list of exported photos, so it could be sent as an email to other parties to give them a detailed inventory of photos added to a shared folder. So I decided to throw the guy some rope and developed a plugin, which does just that and a bit more. The plugin can list photos in multiple formats: HTML, plain text, CSV. Other formats can be easily added via the configuration file and an output template. Each template can be individually customized to include any metadata fields along with the file name. The user can choose to open the output file in the default program (i.e. Notepad for text files, web browser for HTML files, or Microsoft Excel for CSV files), or in Mozilla Thunderbird in compose mode with the generated file automatically added as an attachment. Download and use this plugin free of charge, all I ask in return from you is to provide some feedback. Let me know if you liked or disliked the plugin, or suggest features to add. Visit the Export List plugin page to download the package.