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Version 20100130.10 is available for download. This update fixes a couple of issues specific to the Mac platform. Also, in Lightroom 3 beta, the photo lab logo is back on top of the export dialog. I’d like to express my gratitude to Ann Mehrman, who not only submitted a very detailed bug report […]

Today I release 3 more updates to offer Lightroom 3 Beta compatibility for Costco US, Costco CA, and CVS Photo Center plug-ins:

Export to Costco Photo Center (US): 20100124.8 Export to Costco Photo Centre (CA): 20100124.3 Export to CVS Photo Center: 20100124.2

Both Costco plug-ins also feature a fix for a mild […]

Version 20091104.7 is available for download. This update fixes the issue with creating new albums. It also no longer prompts you to login again on a subsequent export if you session is still alive.
Version 20091028.6 is available for download. This release features several UI improvements and fixed a very annoying issue with the Export button remaining disabled until the “Export for existing” option was selected to populate the album list.
Version 20091014.5 is available for download. There are quite a few new features including the ability to filter and sort the album list, display album thumbnail image, and check for updates. I’d like thank Ken Graham and Brian Orr who provided valuable feedback and made several great suggestions, and essentially helped me make […]

Version 20091004.4 is available for download. This version features several important fixes and improvements. I’d like to thank everyone who reported issues and helped me troubleshooting them.

Costco plugin updated


Version 20090907.3 is available for download. This version contains several nice additions and improvements.

One time I needed to use Costco Photo Center to print my photos I was surprised to find out they didn’t offer a Lightroom plugin to upload files to their lab. Their web site uses a propitiatory API, which they don’t disclose (at least as of today it hasn’t been disclosed yet). But I was […]