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Version 1.3 is available for download. This update fixes issues with uploading photos cased by recent changes to the upload mechanism implemented by CVS Photo Lab. However, these changes are either incomplete or just buggy – you can’t upload to an existing album, even using their web interface – the upload is always directed […]

Version 1.3 is available for download. This release addresses several issues introduced in version 1.2: Fixed the issue with photos being sent to the wrong album when you upload to one of existing albums after uploading to a new album. The “You are not connected to the server” message no longer appears when the […]

Version 1.2 is available for download. Now you can specify various options when creating new albums – these are exactly the same options that you can set using the My Gallery web site: Allow downloading of photos, movies or entire album Allow uploading of photos or movies via web browser Allow adding of photos […]

Today I release 3 more updates to offer Lightroom 3 Beta compatibility for Costco US, Costco CA, and CVS Photo Center plug-ins:

Export to Costco Photo Center (US): 20100124.8 Export to Costco Photo Centre (CA): 20100124.3 Export to CVS Photo Center: 20100124.2

Both Costco plug-ins also feature a fix for a mild […]

Version 20100123.6 is available for download. I, among thousands of other Lightroom fans can’t wait to get my hands on LR3, which appears to be scheduled for release around April. Many users, however, have already jumped the gun and started using the beta version not only for testing (as advised by Adobe), but for […]

Export List


This plugin was inspired by a post in Adobe Lightroom SDK forums. Somebody was asking for an ability to generate a list of exported photos, so it could be sent as an email to other parties to give them a detailed inventory of photos added to a shared folder. So I decided to throw the […]

Costco plugin updated


Version 20090907.3 is available for download. This version contains several nice additions and improvements.

One time I needed to use Costco Photo Center to print my photos I was surprised to find out they didn’t offer a Lightroom plugin to upload files to their lab. Their web site uses a propitiatory API, which they don’t disclose (at least as of today it hasn’t been disclosed yet). But I was […]

Version 20090901.2 is available for download.

I use AdoramaPix to print my photos. So far my experience with them has been only positive in terms of both, quality of prints and customer service. Unfortunately they don’t offer a Lightroom plugin to upload photos to their lab. This is where I felt my programming skills would come in handy, so I developed […]